22 February 2009

New Kicks

Because Morris is the BEST cat ever in the entire world (I hope you all are sensing the sarcasm) I had to buy new shoes today. A few weeks ago, I came home from work and found the following:

Yes and the cat did this and yes I do feed him, alot, probably too much. Anyhow, I have been sick and then busy and then sick AND busy so I haven't been running so it wasn't an issue. Until today.

Last week was my (hopefully) last week of antibiotics and I was in a celebratory mood. I searched out some running plans and a tri plan to start in a few weeks. So tomorrow I start over....again. But that is ok, starting over is fun!

However, running tomorrow morning with those shoes wasn't going to happen. So I headed over to Second Sole and grabbed a new pair of kicks. I have been getting the same pair of new balance trainers for years, the 1000 series. This year's model is 1063 and they look snazzie!!!

I've never been a great runner or a big fan for that matter, so I'm going to start slow and do some intervals for a few weeks and see how things are going. I grabbed a plan off runnersworld.com and got a tri plan off of trifuel.com. Right now here is the plan: do an 8 week moderate build on the running front, with a simultaneous bike build. I grabbed my goal mileage bike wise for the week ending on April 26th (my first scheduled race) and wanted to do 30 miles for a weekly total. I reduced my weekly goal by about 10% each week to bring me to tomorrow. This is going to be way less than what I was doing before I got sick but with the added runs it won't matter too much.

As I'm sure you all have noticed, there was no mention of swimming. That's because I'm not swimming right now. I have alot of craziness going on at work and have multiple grant applications that I'm working on, so it takes up alot of my free time as well as keeps me very busy throughout the day. Swimming only once a week isn't going to add anything plus my lungs aren't totally full force yet and can't handle what I'm used to in the pool. As a result, I'm going to focus on my running because it is my weakest area. Then when I get to a point were I feel more comfortable there and in a good routine I'll add my swims. I build fast in the pool so playing catch up won't be too bad. :)

I have to head over to the clinic either tomorrow or Tuesday and get another set of chest xrays to verify that the fluid and swelling are gone. Fingers crossed!!! For now though, I'm off to change my sheets (yippee!) and play some rockband before bed.

Happy training everyone!

12 February 2009

not so deep breathing

Since I started working I have been battling various germs floating around. Seriously, I have done pretty well with it, until now. I was sick with a bad cold a few weeks ago and I thought I had beat it. So this weekend I started feeling really run down and I just haven't been able to shake this 3 week old cough. I gave in and went to the walkin clinic. Lo and behold, I am sick and have thickening of my bronchial and peribronchial walls. So that means one of three things: 1. I have pneumonia, 2. my asthma from childhood really never went away and since I'm in denial of it and don't treat it, it is taking longer for me to get over the cold because my lungs are irritated by it and/or 3. my allergies are far worse than I believe and aren't being treated properly. I'm honestly hoping for #1. ;) So again my workout schedule has been derailed and I have to 'rest' which sucks.

Luckily for me, I hadn't planned any events until April 19th so if I can get through this and ease into a training schedule by the beginning of March I should be able to make the event. I think that since I got in there BEFORE it got too serious, it shouldn't take the standard 3 months for my lungs to recover.

Part of this was my fault for several reasons, but most of all I was still working out the first week I was sick. I wasn't doing more than 30 mins a day but I guess it was still enough to push me over the edge.

Anyone have any remedies for getting my lungs back in shape???