30 November 2010

Boot Camp Hero

So I've been (pathetically and half heartedly) attempting to lose the extra weight that I put on after my hip flexor injury, for the past two years. This year was a waste because I didn't have the time to train like I needed to and I didn't have the extra cash to pay for the races I wanted to do so instead I was a real trooper and did........nothing. :(

I've lost about 8-9 pounds since July which isn't very much but good enough since I haven't been as dedicated as I should be. My buddy IronG introduced me to Tracy Anderson and I totally was diggin it and will say the my month long three-four sessions per week along with a little bit of diet changes really helped with the loss of those 8-9 pounds. However, with my new job, longer hours, darkness arriving early and longer drive time I've found every excuse in the book to NOT workout during the week. So when G showed up with this NEW thing she was doing and it had a deal with it I was game.

It just helps me more when I'm paying to be somewhere and have that blocked out on my schedule. I'm totally a routine kind of person and need the accountability of being in a class or working out with other people to keep me motivated. Desire is not my problem, its the need to be everything to everyone else but myself and this fear that if I'm not then somehow I'm a bad person or not enough or not worth the love that I get back. And while it's REALLY REALLY hard, I've drawn the line and waived the white flag and am committed to committing to myself.

I love triathlon and the friends that I've made through it and all that comes with it but most of all I love how I feel when I finish a race. I love that feeling that I've accomplished something, something challenging and hard and I did it! Me, me who has always been the shortest girl on the team or never quite fast enough or never quite strong enough. Triathlon gives me an opportunity to push myself against myself and I don't have to measure up against other people if I don't want to. And it is for that reason that I'm committed to making my 'off-season' something productive so that I can be part of something that I love again.

I signed up for a cycling clinic every other Sunday for two hours from January to May. But I still need more before I get to January so I can cycle for two hours and not die. I also am sick of looking at a closet full of clothes that don't fit and feeling like I need to hide inside a big sweater. SO.OVER.IT!

Last night was my first Boot Camp at Cleveland Fitness Boot Camp. I did pilates from 6-6:45pm and then headed over to the boot camp facilities. Nervous and excited at the same time. It was that first day of school feeling. It was a great work out and challenging and fast paced which I loved. One thing that was shocking to me was that I did MUCH better than I thought I would. Now this is not to at all indicate that this workout was wimpy or that I flaked out cuz I didn't. In fact my classmates were surprised to find out that last night was my first class. I was able to hang with the peeps that have been doing this for a few months and that made me feel good. When I finished every muscle in my body was dead. It wasn't even that I was sore, my muscles were tired - really tired. And today, not so sore but still tired. I'm sure that tomorrow morning will be a different story but tomorrow is my second night of boot camp. Right now I'm in and love it!