28 October 2008

weekend fun!

This weekend was busy but fun! I went to the movies with my mom and gram to see "The Secrete Life of Bees" on Saturday at the Cedar Lee. All three of us read the book so we wanted to see how the movie turned out! It was quite a good movie and even if you've never read the book you would most certainly enjoy it. I was pretty impressed by Dakota Fanning too. I really wasn't sure how she would fair with such a strong cast. I also got to see previews (which are my fav part of going to see movies!!!) for some films that are coming soon to the Cedar Lee (and theaters near you ;):


This movie looks great! It has a great cast and director so I'm really looking forward to it! It follows the career/life of politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk. It is a movie that is generally an important subject to discuss and raise awareness for however, with the coming elections and the recent push to reban gay marriage in California it is even more fitting.

Trouble the Water

While I have mixed feelings about this film, I am anxious to see it. I hope that the reality of what happened during and after Katrina is told in a way that more people can understand what happened, what hasn't happened and why. This is a documentary that follows two people from the days leading up to Katrina to the aftermath. It was the winner of the Sundance Grand Jury prize for best documentary for 2008.

Then Sunday , I had some family stuff and then book club which is always fun!

Things have been soooo busy for me lately, but manageable so far. This should be my last week at the tutoring center. I'm certainly going to miss the kids but I know that I can't maintain 60hr+ weeks forever. Plus, I'm anxious to get back to my training, which has taken a backseat during all the transition time.

Stay warm everyone!!! Things have been pretty chilly around here lately, sign of more to come!

23 October 2008

whatcha been doin'....

Bloggy friends!!!! I know I have been SUPER absent and I'm sorry. I haven't forgotten about any of you and have been silently reading everyone's blogs, trying to keep up with all that you've all had going on! :)

I hope that you didn't miss me too much :P!

I have been loving my new job! I doing things that I love so even though it is lacking on the money side, I all good!

Also, I'm still working at the tutoring company. It has been a bit overwhelming but they believe they have found a new person so I'm only going to be there on Mondays and Wednesdays now so that will help alot.

I'm also still trying to balance the graphic design stuff! I so need the money and enjoy being creative but seriously, lately I haven't been doing much of anything except working and trying to fit sleep in.

The good news is that things are starting to normalize and slow down a bit. Which means I can start taking my pilates classes again AND swimming AND running again! I'm also hoping that with some of the GD money I make I can get a fancy new trainer! :) Plus, I have total incentive to start up my swimming again cuz I'm doing Rob's classes again this winter! Which totally rocks because it really pushes me and helps keep me swimming.

I have a bit of a dilema though I have to work through. I have a stupid Bally's membership so I have access to a pool at pretty much all hours. However, as many of you know, having clean pools isn't exactly something that Bally's is known for. :( Well, I talked to one of my tri buddies, Jack and he has been over to Urban Active and the pricing is about the same. Now here is the deal, if I stick it out at bally's for another 12 months it is going to be about $500 for the year. If I break my contract they can charge me the full amount of just a cancelation fee of $200. So I think I'm going to plead my case and see if I can get out of my contract and head over to Urban Active to enjoy the clear blue water they have there. What do you guys think????

I hope all is well with everyone!!! And I promise that I won't disappear like that again! ;)