26 December 2012

Frosty 5 Race Report-of sorts

Happy belated Christmastime everyone!  I've been bad at blogging. :( As a result I will post a final training post and race report next Monday after the New Years Eve race!!! Christmas Eve I ran the Frosty 5 in Hudson.  It was a great race and well attended!  Overall I ran a good race. I started off a bit too fast and didn't dress warm enough so I froze through the last two miles but I came in right around where I thought I would and that made me happy! I also wasn't running alone which made me feel good about my pace.  I was always surrounded by a small group of people running around my pace so that was nice.

This week is technically a recovery week for my 5k-to-10k training so I'm going to be able to get some easy runs in this week.  I'm also on vacation from work until after the New Year! We have an impending blizzard and I need to get a run in before yoga so I'm off! Stay warm and enjoy the post holiday happiness everyone!

17 December 2012

December Training 12/9/12-12/15/12

I must admit that I've been a bit disappointed with the weather lately.  I won't complain too loudly because it has been just gorgeous, but I can't wait for the snow!!! Because of my little adventure in the dark last week, Santa delivered an early Christmas present! :) Behold the solution to my night time running problems!

I'm so excited to use this!!! I have a run scheduled for tonight but I prob won't have to break it out for that.  Wednesday on the other hand I might! :) Yippee! :)

This week of training was pretty great! I felt good most runs but only got 3 in because of YTT this weekend. I'm gearing up for 4 runs this week and hopefully I can get 5 miles in on Wednesday so I won't be nervous for the Frosty 5 Miler on Monday. I only have 8 more training runs in my 10k training plan. You know what that means!?! Half-mary training will be beginning soon!!!!

12/10/12 - W6 D2 - 3.00 miles at 12:19 - ECP -  trail and paved

12/12/12 - W6 D3 - 4.30 miles at 13:55 - NCR - NC2 trail

12/13/12 - W7 D1 - 2.56 miles at 13:41 - ECP - trail

Weekly Total: 9.86 miles

13 December 2012

Tips for running in the dark and getting (un)lost!

Last night I had a longer run planned.  The sun takes longer to come up in the morning and sets much too early for trail runners around here! I'm super lucky because my work schedule is flexible, super flexible.  I can come in early and leave early and some days I work later to get caught up when I only get 8 hours in because of a scheduled run.  Yesterday, I didn't get out of work when I needed to but I was still dedicated to my route and my run. I could have gone to Euclid Creek but that is where I do most of my runs and anything over 2.5 miles requires laps and it can get boring.  I had picked one of the bridle trail loops, NC2. While I've never run the complete loop, the western side of the loop from the Bird Trail to Blue Flower is included in my loop when I do NC1 so I am familiar with part of it.

As much as I tried, I got out of work much later than I had wanted to so I didn't start my run until 4:45pm.  What time was sunset you might ask?? Weeelllllll, sunset was around 4:57pm.  So here's the thing, I don't have a headlamp, although I did ask Santa for one, so obviously I knew I'd be running in the dark.  Which isn't too bad if you live in the city and there are street lights but I was in the woods.  The run was awesome, even if I did get lost and it became progressively pitch black.  I'm pretty good at getting lost, whether it is dark or not, so this is nothing new for me.  But I began thinking about how my directionally challenged self could help other people when they're running goes a bit off course?

I present to you, Tracie's Top Three Tips for Running in the Dark! :)

Tip 1: Take advantage of your resources! So many of us have smartphones and they can be sooo helpful navigating many life adventures.  One of my favorite apps is RunKeeper.  It not only tracks your mileage, pace, avg pace, elevation, avg calories burned and duration but it has GPS so in a pinch you can flip to the map screen and see just exactly where you are and where, let's just say, you should be.  Through this app you can create mapped routes and then later run them so it helps if you've planned an actual route to help keep you where you are supposed to be going.  The map feature is helpful whether you've designed a route or are doing a random route!  Another cool feature that this app offers is RunKeeper LIVE.  Although this is a paid feature it can help make your runs a bit safer and possibly influence people to give you early xmas gifts, but more on that later! I do most of my running on trails and alone.  This freaks out my family and friends sometimes.  Through RunKeeper LIVE the people that I've invited to see my private RunKeeper profile can watch my run in real time.  That way they know when I start, how far I am and when I finish.  It gives them a little more piece of mind than my texts letting them know I've just finished my workout.

Tip 2: Be prepared! Running accessories can be just as important as the right shoe.  Hats, headbands, gloves, fuel belts, etc. can make a huge difference in the quality of your run.  One accessory that I don't have is a headlamp.  As a result of my mother watching me get a bit off course last night, I'm going to receive an early xmas gift.  The trail markers were harder to make out in the dark without standing exactly in front of it.  At one point, I lost the trail completely and as I pulled out my phone to look on the map where exactly I wasn't, it dawned on me that I had a flashlight app.  The app or 'flashlight' really I suppose, was pretty much worthless and every time I saw a headlamp somewhere between the trees I hoped it was heading towards me, but alas none came.  However, the light was just enough for me to watch the immediate terrain that my foot was about to strike.

Tip 3: For night running, stick with what you know! I purposefully started my run yesterday on the portion of the route that I wasn't familiar with.  That way I could easily see the trail and read the markers.  Unfortunately, the sun left me a bit too soon so it was well into darkness before I found the part of the route I knew well.  The only advantage I had last night in the dark was that much of the section I ran in the dark I knew like the back of my hand.  I've run that stretch enough that I knew exactly where I was, how much farther I had to go until I got to my car and exactly how the trail twisted through the woods.  If I hadn't known this, I probably would have had to walk much of the end since I could hardly see. It also gives you piece of mind! You know you've got this when you feel comfortable in your surroundings so when things don't go as planned the mental 'stress' is lessened and you can still enjoy the experience.

Hopefully, many of you are waaaay more prepared than I was last night! That way you won't need my tips. However, if you ever find yourself in my situation you have a few pieces of advice to pull out if you need them.  Happy running!!!

11 December 2012

December 12/2/12-12/8/12 and a race report!

The close of this week leaves only 11 workouts in my 5k-to-10k training plan! Can you believe it? I can't. It seems like time is flying!!!  And with only 11 workouts left that means that training for my half is right around the corner! I.CAN'T.WAIT! eek! Soooo excited.  I have several races coming up between now and when I finish my training plan.  And while I tried REALLY hard to work a few in as training days it just isn't going to happen so that is slowing down my completion but it is a good slow down!  This past Saturday was one of those days! 

My friend Millie and I ran the Jingle Bell 5k in support of the Arthritis Foundation.  SO.MUCH.FUN! Next year we will prepare our outfits more! This is the first time in my decent span of 5ks that I've run with someone else.  It was hard to find a common pace that worked for both of us as Millie's pace was about 1:30 faster than what I had planned as a recovery run.  After 2.5 miles I finally sent her on her way and did my own thing.  I didn't run as consistently as I wanted; some spots my pace was all over the place, but overall I'm happy with my PR! There were sooo many runners and walkers and I we got a bit of a late start but we were able to pass by small groups of people as the race went on and try to keep moving forward at the same time. It was a blast! My next one is a 5 miler on Xmas Eve! My longest race distance so far has been a 10k that I DNFed due to an injury.  So while this won't be my longest distance to race when I finish it will be my longest to finish. 



In other news, I did not get picked to be a guest blogger for the Cleveland Marathon. Boo! :( But that doesn't mean I'm not going to keep blogging! ;) Congrats to all those who did get chosen.  If you want to see the list and keep updated with their blogs you can visit that here!

Ok onto the training recap:

12/3/12 - W5 D2 - 1.95 miles at 14:20 - ECP -  paved

12/5/12 - W5 D3 - 2.95 miles at 13:33 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

12/6/12 - W6 D1 - 2.62 miles at 13:19 - NCR - trail

12/8/12 - Jingle Bell 5k - 3.1 miles at 13:38 - RACE DAY - paved

Weekly Total: 10.62

02 December 2012

November Training 11/25/12-12/1/12

Welcome December! Wow this year has really flow by.  I've had so many amazing experiences this year but I am truly looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me!

This week brought my longest run so far in the training plan and then the beginning of a recovery week and the shortest runs ever.  I started planning out my race schedule for 2013 which is one of my favorite things to do. I have already registered for a 2013 race! Yippeeee! What's your big race this year?  Although this will be the first time I've trained for a half I'm tempted to do three this coming year because there are just so many good races.  So far on tap we have:

Jingle Bell run 5k
Frosty 5M
Great New Years Eve Run
4M Prediction Race

Those are just the ones I've registered for but I have several more on my list, including my first half in May at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon! I have decided to work with a coach for the training of my first half and am super excited about the details. :)

11/26/12 - W4 D1 - 2.06 miles at 14:31 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/28/12 - W4 D2 - 2.97 miles at 13:26 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/30/12 - W4 D3 - 4.24 miles at 12:57 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

12/1/12 - W5 D1 - 1.89 miles at 13:11 - ECP - mixed trail and paved - RECOVERY WEEK

Weekly Total: 11.16

November Miles: 43.86


25 November 2012

November Training 11/18/12-11/24/12 and a race report

Happy Turkey Day everyone! :) I hope you all had FABULOUS turkey days.  The weather was gorgeous and I had a wonderful run that day. Besides my family, health, friends, life, etc, as I ran I thought of how thankful I am for the park system we have here.  I can run in a different, wonderfully maintained park any day of the week and several are less than 15 miles from my home.  My usual running place is less than 3 miles away!

My legs were super tired this week.  I think I've been over training. Monday I ran and also did a 45/45 spinning and yoga class AFTER my loooong YTT weekend.  I ran Thursday and Friday last week then had a stressful and grueling YTT weekend, ran Monday and the spinning/yoga class.  So this week after my run on Wednesday, I realized that I needed to rest up for my race on Saturday.  I've been working my butt of this week with jewelry stuff because I decided to do a show on Saturday.  Thursday I had a pretty decent run but my legs still felt a bit heavy.  It was soooo gorgeous! Friday I rested so I'd be ready for the race.

I got to the race early, hit the bathroom and ran for 15 minutes or so and was warmed up and ready by 8:45am.  The problem was that the race didn't start until about 9:10am. So by that time, I wasn't really warmed up anymore.  The course was nice and pretty easy with the exception of one giant hill. I felt good and didn't over do it.  I feel like I'm FINALLY getting this whole pacing thing! haha But seriously, I ran a pretty consistent race and even kept my pace through the finish.  Normally I sprint in but I was feeling good at my pace and happy to come in under 45 minutes. I forgot to turn off my garmin though until about 3 mins after the race. :(  Official time from the race is 44:58 with 14:30/min. I'm happy with it.  It is my first race in several years and while it isn't an official PR it is my fastest time besides a super flat and super fast course so I'm considering it a PR. ;) I have another race on December 8th, so hopefully I have another PR in store!

My training plan schedules 3 days per week but I run four days a week usually MWFSat. Monday I begin week 4 of the plan which is a build week so hopefully I'm ready for it.  Saturday will begin a recovery week and the halfway point in the plan.  The run group that I belong to on FB is holding their own trail 10k on December 29th so I might be ready to run it.  I just have to see where I'm at then.

11/19/12 - W2 D3 - 3.26 miles at 13:46 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/21/12 - W3 D1 - 2.11 miles at 14:14 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/22/12 - W3 D2 - tempo run - 2.41 miles at 14:31 - NCR - bridle/white pine/bird trails

11/24/12 - W3 D3 - race day - 3.15  miles at 14:30 - DirtDirty Trail 5k - I didn't want to set back my training schedule so I used this as a training run

Weekly total:  10.93 miles

20 November 2012

November Training 11/11/12-11/17/12

My weekly training log is late because I have just been crazy busy! This past weekend was the written portion of our test for yoga teacher training so it was a long and stressful week last week and weekend.  I'm hoping that things will settle down after this weekend and I will begin to feel a bit more normal!

This weekend was a lot of yoga. A LOT! I would say that between Saturday and Sunday we did at least 6 hours of yoga.  My body was sore and tired yesterday morning.  I ran and then did a 45/45 class, spinning and yoga so needless to say this morning was a bit worse than Monday.  ;) I have a half day tomorrow so I'm going to get a run in the morning and then I have a tempo run Thursday and a race Saturday! Woohoo! I'm excited and nervous.  I haven't done a race in a while so I'm hoping it goes well and I'm not super slow!

The biggest change for me between the 5k plan and the 10k plan is tempo runs and speedwork.  I'm struggling with the speedwork.  I having been trying to hit up the trails as much as I can because my race this weekend is a trail run and in a hilly place, but hills are not conducive to speedwork.  I'm going to try and hit a mostly flat trail on Thursday for the speedwork.

This week of training also brought my first full 5k distance. It was nice to finally get there!

11/11/12 - W1 D2 - tempo run - 3.11 miles at 13:57 - CRP

11/13/12 - W1 D3 - 2.87 miles at 13:54 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/15/12 - W2 D 1 - 2.31 miles at 12:59 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

11/16/12 - W2 D2 - speedwork - 2.61  miles at 13:47 - ECP - mixed trail and paved

Weekly total:  10.9 miles

13 November 2012

November Training 11/4/12-11/10/12

My visit with the chiropractor went well! They fixed me up and I was allowed to take a test run on Wednesday.  It felt great to get back out there! I've been spending more time spinning and not as much time sleeping as I need to.  When I had to take some time off for the ankle, I felt like it would be negligible and my training wouldn't take a hit. I'm not sure if it is just that I've been working out more and/or not getting enough sleep or that 5 days off really did have an impact but my runs since the break haven't been great. I feel slow and my legs feel heavy. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon! :)

The good news is that I finished the couch-to-5k plan and started the 5k-to-10k plan! I ran a new trail this past Saturday and while I'm always slower on a new trail, it was so nice to see a new part of the park! :) I can't wait to get out there again soon!  This coming weekend is a YTT weekend.  I have my written exam - eek! Wish me luck! :)

11/8/12: 2.71 miles at 13:50 per mile - NCR - Squire's Castle mix of trail and paved
Week 9 Day 3 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 30 mins, 5 min cooldown 
!!!Couch-to-5k COMPLETE!!!

11/10/12: 2.14 miles at 16.31 per mile - NCR - bird and bridle trail
Week 1 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  steady run for 30 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total Mileage: 6.85 miles

04 November 2012

October Training - 10/29/12-11/3/12

Sandy might have been in full force here in Ohio but I still got my runs in. :) On Friday evening I ran my first run since Saturday without rain.  I actually kind of missed the rain but it will rain again one day! haha Saturday brought great weather and a disconnected run in North Chagrin.  I just couldn't get into.  Early in my run, I hit something beneath the heavy leaves and twisted my left ankle pretty good, crunch and all. ;) I walked it off and after a few steps continued my run.  I came home and did my usual 45 minute post run yoga, showered, taught my yoga student, went to my friend Sally's house to do her makeup and then out to dinner with my bff, Chrissy. By the end of dinner, my ankle was swollen and sore. Each step produced a clicking sound in my ankle.  I came home and crashed and this morning opted out of spinning and yoga. I have it wrapped and elevated and I'm hoping I can hit the chiro tomorrow and they can lead me in the right direction. :) I have only ONE DAY left in my training plan!!!! :) Another reason I'm hoping this ankle heals quickly! Then it is on to the 5k-to-10k training.

10/29/12: 2.58 miles at 14:42 per mile - CRP gravel
Week 8 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 28 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/31/12: 2.71 miles at 14:00 per mile - ECP paved
Week 8 Day 3 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 28 mins, 5 min cooldown

11/2/12: 2.94 miles at 13:36 per mile - ECP paved
Week 9 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 30 mins, 5 min cooldown

11/3/12: 2.61 miles at 15:19 per mile - NCR trail
Week 9 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 30 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total Mileage: 10.84 miles

01 November 2012

Rain, rain......

With hurricane Sandy in town things have been a little discombobulated! The rain begin on Saturday and hasn't stopped since. We received much more damage than I expected and as a result some of my favorite trails are closed, hopefully not for long. My work was out of power from Monday night until yesterday around 3pm. Yesterday we were on call so I kept delaying my scheduled run with the fear that I would start my run and get called in.  I should have just gone running early in the day but, sigh, whatever. ;) It was nice to have a break and I was able to get a bunch of jewelry stuff done this week, including this and this.

My afternoon was hijacked by other people and traffic and closed roads and downed trees and live wires and stores that didn't have what I was searching for.  I FINALLY got to the park to run around 6:30pm.  I had to stick to the paved trail because the one in the woods was closed and blocked by numerous uprooted trees. 

Yesterday was the best run ever. EVER. Seriously, EVER! 

I ran the entire run.  I didn't need to stop once. It felt good and natural and right.  It quickly sucked away all of my frustrations of the day and replaced them with calm and peace.  But most of all it made me feel invincible.  It didn't matter that it was raining or cold or windy or dark, I was out there and enjoying it tremendously.  Every run, makes me feel more confident in my abilities and myself.  

It might seem strange or silly to someone who doesn't run or doesn't enjoy running but it really impacts all parts of your life. I've soooo missed this and have enjoyed it this time around more than ever before.  So often I talk about how I began to find myself more and more each time I was on a yoga mat and the same can be said for running. Each time I head out in the woods for a run, I see a little more of myself revealed  I feel more connected to myself and to life in general. 

I hope all of you have been having wonderful runs (or not runs) and enjoying life!

30 October 2012

Hello Sandy!

In case you haven't heard, there is a hurricane hitting the east coast, as well as Ohio.  Yesterday was a run day for me and today was expected to bring worse weather! So naturally I went running yesterday.  :) I can't confirm that today was actually worse but oh well. I picked the trails that I knew to be open and the ones that are most solid.  I got out of work and headed to Chagrin River Park and found an empty, completely empty, parking lot.  As I started on the trail, I saw from a rainy distance large, black moving creatures. I was totally confused but kept moving forward and what did I find???

WILD TURKEYS! Seriously, there were probably 20 of them just hanging out in the rain like any other day. I wasn't sure if they were friendly or not so I slowly approached the group.  I never realized how big they are until I was literally face to face with one.  This fine turkey just didn't feel like getting off the trail and I had running to do so I just kept going and gave him a nod.  I'm 5 foot even and he must have been up to my shoulder.  

I got in a decent run but I will admit that it was a bit creepy.  These trails are well used and so it was odd to be alone.  Part of the trails run along the Chagrin River so I stuck with doing loops on the wooded trails away from the rising river.  The deer, who are normally ambivalent about human presence  were extremely interested in my visit.  There was one in particular that kind of followed me along on the first loop and then hung out on the gravel path, waiting for each of my returns.  

Twice I heard trees crashing down, no doubt taking other trees along.  After the second one fell closely behind me, I headed to the the paved path that borders the parking lot and finished my run.  Over all I had a good run and thoroughly enjoyed my little personal visits with the animals that call this park home. Tomorrow will be another adventure I'm sure, as it hasn't stopped raining since Saturday here so I'm not sure what trails will be open for runs. 

Be safe everyone!

28 October 2012

October Training - 10/21/12-10/27/12

This week was a GREAT week of running! The weather was wonderful - super warm and sunny or complete Fall weather, rainy with a chill. Regardless of the day, the trails rocked and I finished strong each time.  Sigh. It was just that good people! :) Saturday I attended an AWESOME Ashtanga class that kicked my ass but was a great compliment to my chilly run. Yoga has helped my running tremendously and I'm so thankful that I now have a strong and consistent practice as I started running again.

10/22/12: 2.29 miles at 15:18 per mile - ECP trail - recovery after YTT weekend
Week 7 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 25 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/24/12: 2.34 miles at 14:57 per mile - ECP trail
Week 7 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 25 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/25/12: 2.53 miles at 13:50 per mile - CRP gravel - SUMMER RUN! :)
Week 7 Day 3 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 25 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/27/12: 2.67 miles at 14:12 per mile - NCR trail - wet, rainy, chilly, best of all, MUDDY!
Week 8 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 28 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total Mileage: 9.83 miles

I only have 5 more runs before the Couch-to-5k is complete!

22 October 2012

Running Compromise....Sort of!

Yesterday was day 3 of my October session of Yoga Teacher Training.  Our schedule is pretty intense however, yesterday in addition to our training we did a half mala. I honestly felt a lot better this morning than I expected I would.  Today was a run day, not having run Saturday or Sunday. As I drove into the park, I saw TONS of people on the paved path; it is so nice to see so many people utilizing the parks! I had planned to do an easy run on the paved path because it is rolling and not as challenging as the trail.  But the closer I got to my parking spot, I couldn't help but heed the draw of the trail and the woods.  It wasn't my fastest time on the trails there or my longest but it was probably my best run there yet.  I was stiff and my hamstrings were soooo tired from all the down dogs, etc.  I just took my time and enjoyed my run! It felt amazing and so wonderful to be alone in the woods and running along.  I did what felt right and that was awesome. 

As the leaves were floating down around me on my run, I thought of how competitive I am, even with myself.  I'm always concerned with how fast I went and how far I've gone.  Today I did have a goal in mind; this small bridge.  I didn't make it but I almost made it and it was ok that I didn't.  Today I was kind to myself and enjoyed running and didn't care about anything else except having a great run. Today was different than any other run. EVER. And I loved it. One day of taking it easy and focusing on the experience of running, the beautiful leaves, the smell of wet soil and the sun peeking through the trees was worth more than getting to the bridge or running faster or farther than my last run. 

October Training - 10/14/12-10/20/12

This week has been a craaaaazy one! I literally have had stuff every night and then all weekend I had YTT.  Which is an amazing experience, don't get me wrong, but it is exhausting physically and mentally. I really want to be getting in 4 runs a week but things have been crazy and with YTT this weekend running on Friday and Saturday might be too much. All I can do is play it by how I feel.

The beginning of the week brought back intervals which I enjoyed.  The run on Wednesday was a tough one! Not because of the run itself but because I overdressed AND my asthma was super weird and I was having a hard time keeping a steady comfortable pace that I could breathe at.

10/15/12: 2.36 miles at 14:24 per mile - ECP paved
Week 6 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 5 mins, walk for 3 mins, jog for 8 mins, walk for 3 mins, jog for 5 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/17/12: 2.34 miles at 14:15 per mile - ECP paved - rough run!
Week 6 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 10 mins, walk for 3 mins, jog for 10 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/19/12: 2.42 miles at 14:27 per mile - CRP gravel - amazing run! Such a beautiful trail with tons of deer munching happily as I ran by. :)
Week 6 Day 3 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 25 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total Mileage: 7.12 miles

18 October 2012

October Training - 10/7/12-10/13/12

This week was a bit more challenging than others.  I have been crazy busy since yoga teacher training started and the holidays are upon us which means I need to make jewelry pretty much in every free moment I have. I've been loving the trails and notice that my breathing is better when I maintaining a consistent yoga practice.  I've also noticed that the yoga over the past few years has helped my running tremendously! The thing I need to focus on now is getting enough sleep.  That has always been a challenge for me! Wish me luck! ;)

10/8/12: 2.03 miles at 15:30 per mile - ECP trail, a couple challenging hills
Week 4 Day 3 - 5 min warm up, jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 5 mins, walk for 2.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 5 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/10/12: 1.97 miles at 15:41 per mile - ECP trail, a couple challenging hills
Week 5 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 5 mins, walk for 3 mins, jog for 5 mins, walk for 3 mins, jog for 5 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/12/12: 2.08 miles at 14:53 per mile - ECP trail, a couple challenging hills
Week 5 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 8 mins, walk for 5 mins, jog for 8 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/13/12: 2.11 at 14:13 per mile - ECP trail, paved; first run without intervals! I did much better than I thought I would but still need to learn how to pace myself.
Week 5 Day 3 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 20 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total Mileage:  8.19

October Training - 10/1/12-10/6/12

With October comes trail running! :) By far my favorite thing - ever! :) I primarily run in the Metropark closest to my house but on the weekends I try to vary it and run some of the amazing trails the area has to offer. My knees were not happy, which made me unhappy because I've NEVER had knee issues; hips yes but knees, never. I went to the chiro and I think it was just overuse so I thought if I hit up the trails the softer surface would let me keep running AND help prepare me better for the trail race in November.

10/2/12: 1.78 miles at 15:43 per mile - ECP trail, a couple challenging hills
Week 3 Day 3 - 5 min warm up, two repetitions of the following: jog for 1.5 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 3 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/4/12: 2.07 miles at 15:14 per mile - ECP trail, a couple challenging hills
Week 4 Day 1 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 5 mins, walk for 2.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, 5 min cooldown

10/6/12: 2.09 miles at 15:04 per mile - NCR trail, rolling (lost my key valet containing my car key BUT found it after retracing my steps!)
Week 4 Day 2 - 5 min warm up,  jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 5 mins, walk for 2.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total mileage:  5.94

September Training Log

I'm running again! Well, mostly running. ;) But running nonetheless.

I decided to really test the surgery out and see if I could finally run and not feel like I was going to die from lack of air! So to help me feel more confident and follow through with running I downloaded the active.com Couch-to-5K plan.  (Shush, I also downloaded the 5k-to-10k so I had some follow up after I was done. ;) )

Nothing too special in this post except my training log from September, but it is always nice to dip your toes back in the water. ;) Oh! And I have already picked a race!

9/16/12: 1.87 miles at 16:01 per mile - neighborhood run, sidewalks
Week 1 Day 1 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1 min of jogging and 1.5 mins of walking for 20 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/17/12: 1.86 miles at 16:05 per mile - neighborhood run, sidewalks
Week 1 Day 2 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1 min of jogging and 1.5 mins of walking for 20 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/20/12: 1.92 miles at 15:38 per mile - neighborhood run, sidewalks
Week 1 Day 3 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1 min of jogging and 1.5 mins of walking for 20 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/22/12: 2.08 miles at 14:53 per mile - neighborhood run, sidewalks
Week 2 Day 1 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1.5 mins of jogging and 2 mins of walking for 21 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/24/12: 2.05 miles at 15:07 per mile - neighborhood run, streets, monday after YTT weekend
Week 2 Day 2 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1.5 mins of jogging and 2 mins of walking for 21 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/26/12: 2.00 miles at 15:31 per mile - neighborhood run, streets - knees=ouch!
Week 2 Day 3 - 5 min warm up, alternate 1.5 mins of jogging and 2 mins of walking for 21 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/28/12: 1.75 miles at 15:59 per mile - neighborhood run, streets - knees=ouch!
Week 3 Day 1 - 5 min warm up, two repetitions of the following: jog for 1.5 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 3 mins, 5 min cooldown

9/30/12: 1.80 miles at 15:31 per mile - Beachwood park, paved
Week 3 Day 2 - 5 min warm up, two repetitions of the following: jog for 1.5 mins, walk for 1.5 mins, jog for 3 mins, walk for 3 mins, 5 min cooldown

Total September Miles:  15.33