25 September 2008

signs of change

Yesterday morning, I woke up and was looking out of one of the windows in my bedroom and saw two beautiful red leaves. That is right everyone, fall is silently sneaking in! Things are changing! In fact, my life is FULL of change right now!

As many of you know, I have been looking for a job. :( I've actually kind of been looking for a new job for a while but had a job that I at least enjoyed and made decent money doing. When that ended, I was out looking for a new job. I have been interviewing and sending out a million resumes but just haven't really found anything. A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with the Mayor of South Euclid and the Housing Manager there. I have known the Mayor for several years and consider her to be a mentor, so whenever I have new ideas or info about things happening in the planning world, we sit and chat about it! It just so happened that the City was interviewing for a housing inspector position.

Of course the first question that was asked as I sat in my interview was "Why do you want this job? You are so overqualified." BLAH! I can't tell you how often I hear that. :( It isn't totally my fault that I like working in nonprofits and that they are always looking for entry level positions!!! Anyhow, I told them that I knew the salary was significantly less than what I am used to and that it might seem like the job won't offer enough challenges, but I really miss working with people and doing what I love to do most! I see planners as having a wonderful opportunity. While many people think that urban planners are the ones who make change in fact it is the people who do; we just facilitate change. With the housing market in the state that it is, there is so much opportunity for communities to embrace change and have a significant impact on the future of the community.

So the same day I saw the leaves starting to change, I got a call offering me the job. While it pays less than my last job, I will enjoy it more and it is more than I am making unemployed! ;)

Then as I was sitting on my bed doing some work in photoshop this is the sight I saw:

Two cat tails TOUCHING each other. While the peace didn't last too long, it was a welcome sign!

I hope that everyone is having an awesome week!!!

21 September 2008

what i've been up to...

I did not realize until today at the CTC Fall Picnic that it has been well over two weeks since I blogged. :( I knew it had been long but come on!

Here is the update:

I'm still trying to find a full time job. But have been sending out resumes and interviewing (a little). I got an email the first week of September from someone needing some web design and print design assistance. (Thanks Jen!!!) So I have been busy trying to fulfill his requests and began work on the multiple projects two weeks ago. In the midst of graphic design chaos, I had to throw together the last minute details for the ERC fundraising breakfast which went well and was fun except for the getting up at 5:30 am part.

I dont' have too much to say really because I've just been glued to my computer screen and cell phone trying to work out all the details of these rushed projects. If you are interested, have a look!

I also have to wrap another website that I started a few weeks ago as a proposal so hopefully I can get that done over the next few days. Additionally, I am finishing up a website for my parent's business.

I hope all is well with you bloggy friends! I have been trying to catch up on everyone's news so please forgive my no comment visits.

02 September 2008

so long...

I have been so caught up in this book I'm reading for bookclub I haven't been doing much else except reading! It is a really good book and I can't wait for bed tonight because I'm going to finish it for sure. In spite of reading over 250 pages the past three days, I got alot accomplished this weekend and had some fun too!

We had a belated bday party for Steve and hung out with fam. I cleaned and reorganized the linen closet, which I KNOW everyone is jealous about. Sorry, we all can't have such fun people! :P

Things are slow and steady in terms of finding a new job. Slower than I would like but I can't control everything, right?!

The cats aren't totally enemies, well at least Morris isn't. He thinks that Isabel is some play thing and she isn't so happy about that idea. Today Steve and I had to take them both to the vet. First of all, I have to say that I adore my vet, Dr. Ramsey! He is amazing and cares so much about our pets and is so helpful and supportive. If anyone is looking for a vet in the area email and I can give him a great recommendation!!!

I knew based on Morris' previous history with URI that Isabel was working on a decent one and as soon as Morris started sneezing and becoming even more snuggly than he usually is I knew he had succumbed too. So an hour and half and $158 later, they both have their meds and instructions and we began the hellacious routine tonight to get them both on the mend! Poor Isabel has eye drops, nose drops, pills and lysine gel to take once a day and Morris has liquid antibiotics and lysine as well. It is going to be a long 14 days but thankfully they only require doses once a day!

I'm still debating Portage Lakes this weekend. I don't know that I really should spend the extra money considering I'm without a full time job, but I'm disappointed to end the season already. I have a couple of more days to consider it! :)

Oh if everyone could keep bloggy friend Mike's brother in your thoughts and prayers (if you pray) I would appreciate it! Tomorrow (Sept 3rd) he is undergoing surgery!!! Good thoughts!!!!

I hope all you had WONDERFUL holiday weekends!!!

I just want to say a quick congrats to my friends, Rob, Charlie, and Jack! They completed the INKY this past Sunday!!! I was checking the laptop all day to check on their progress. Great jobs to you all!!! Also, we had tons more CTCers there, congrats!!!!!